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Some speed with Manon and the ELCs

Because animated gifs are popping up everywhere I thought “let’s try one with the ELCs”.
So today I present you “headache” with Manon.
Shot during a workshop.
By the way, the speed of the ELCs (and most of all the freezing power at these speeds) do help the photographer to get the perfect frozen motion shot a lot quicker.


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Well ok I promised to not go to our skatepark again for some time…..
But let’s be honest where else to shoot a skateboarder.
Last week I was asked by one of the attendees to teach a 2 day 1:1 workshop about the different ways I shoot motion. Now as you know I love shooting motion so I was really looking forward to these workshops, and although I was suffering from the flu we still carried on 😀


These images were shot on the local skatepark.
The trick for mimicking air time can be very easy. Just use a wide angle lens and sit really low.
I used two Elinchrom ELC units here with maxi lights on an Inovatronix battery pack.

Melvyn Pluijmers Maart 13 2014  (69 of 81)-Edit

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BTS video from the Dutch introduction of the Elinchrom ELC strobes

Today a small BTS video we shot during the Dutch press introduction of the new Elinchrom ELC strobes


If I had to choose one type of shoots I really like the most….. for me that would be working with dancers.
Now don’t get me wrong I love shooting celebrities for their character and models for their poses, good looks etc. but when working with dancers it just brings something completely new to the table, action, motion but most of all power and passion.


All the dancers I’ve worked with so far are passionate about what they do, when you ask them to jump they don’t say “but will I look good” but they just jump and give you the best performance they can, if you want a jump to look about the same twice… no problem (for most), but most of all…. most dancers (or performing artists) will also bring you creativity, they will not just jump but they will help you as a photographer to tell a story.


Photography is acting on a 1/5000 of a second, freezing an unique moment in time that will never come back the same way and with dancers this is all maximized in one shoot. So when I was looking for “models” for a 2 day 1:1 workshop with the theme motion, my first idea was of course “dancers”. Thanks to the power of social media I got into contact with this duo, Marvin and Sharda, two amazingly talented people and very enthusiastic. Today some of the images from that workshop.


Marvin en Sharda Maart 12 2014 (39 of 69)-Edit

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