A tip for printing

A tip for this morning about printing….
A lot of people struggle with getting a good print from their images, so a few pointers you have to be aware off.



1. make sure you use a calibrated monitor/workflow


2. make sure your analyzer is not older than 2 years, they need to be replaced or calibrated after a while


3. use the profile from the lab if there is any, if there isn’t a profile don’t take a risk but use sRGB files (unless the lab states you can use something else).


4. When using a printer make sure there is no double color management going on, I always let Ps/Lr determine the colors (unselect the printer management in the printer driver) and select the right paper (very important).


5. But most of all….
Remember that a print is NOT a monitor, make sure that you judge a print under bright light and not in your dimly lit room or studio, a print needs light.


If all else fails it can very well be a printer driver problem, loads of Epson printers have this problem (and I LOVE and use Epson printers) and it’s easily fixed : http://www.doorhof.nl/forum/index.php?topic=4360.0


Another problem often encountered is the simple fact that photographers/people in general have their monitor set to bright, when calibrating aim for D6500, gamma 2.2 and a brightness of max 130cdm.


Good luck.