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A tip for printing

A tip for this morning about printing….
A lot of people struggle with getting a good print from their images, so a few pointers you have to be aware off.



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Printing & presenting

Today a blog post in reply to 2 questions that were asked me on twitter and on the blog.
You can always ask questions and if there is something I think that would be interesting to blog about I will write a small article on the topic, so today I will blog about :

A question that was asked on twitter (and the blog) was about printing and presenting your work to customers.
Let’s start that I’m a huge supporter of printing yourself.
When I print myself I have 100% control about the end result and I know 100% sure that what I deliver to my customer is as perfect as I can get it. Because we hardly deliver anything bigger than A2 prints I choose the Epson 3200 which I still use. Our studio is also part of the Epson Gemini project which means we also have a Gemini system based on the Epson 4800. I choose the Epson line of printers because they use a print technique that is not using heat, this means that when you use the same original inkts and papers you will have a very stable output over time. I’m also a big advocate for calibrating but with Epson I have to add that their own profiles are very good, our Gemini is fully calibrated and the 3800 uses the original profiles and to be honest colorwise there is hardly any difference (I do like the output of the 3800 a little bit, but that’s not strange because it’s a newer printer).

One big tip for Epson !
You probably have read about this on the net, or experienced the problem yourself, all standard prints from Photoshop on the Epson printers are coming out too dark. To be honest I really don’t know why this happens with the standard settings, but it’s solved very easily. So if you experience this problem do the following. Go into the paper settings in the Epson driver/control panel and set the the color density to -15 for PLP (premium luster) en -20 for Gloss. Save these two settings and you should have picture perfect prints.

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