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As you know I’m always carrying a camera, this way it’s always possible to take a picture.
The best way I heard this described was actually by Jay Maisel who said “If you don’t have your camera with you it becomes incredibly difficult to get the shot”. Most of the times you will see yourself shoot in situations that are not the run of the mill locations or situations and sometimes this gives you some amazing shots. I do have to be honest that the following shot I did not take myself, I was driving and asked Annewiek to take the shot the way I wanted it, a bit of the hood of the car and a slightly longer shutterspeed, this way we captured the speed effect I think pretty nicely.


Always remember that when you shoot something with motion in a forward moving vehicle that you will see a sort of “stretch” effect, this effect is something that I LOVE to use in tunnels etc. as you can see here.

April 11 2013 Fuji Door Annewiek (47 of 72)-Edit

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