My new class on Kelbytraining

Today a small blogpost about my new class on KelbyTraining.


“The art of dance”
This class is I think one of the best classes I did with big flash (there will also be a small flash class soon), in almost 2 1/2 hours you will be taking through the preparations of the shoot, two totally different shoots PLUS the Photoshop of the images. This is REALLY a complete “tour” so to speak.


The images are spectacular, the technique explained in detail and the models are great dancers, so make sure to check out the class at “Art of dance”
And here is the trailer.

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  1. Stefan
    Stefan says:

    Hi Frank,

    Last week I have seen and really enjoyed your new instruction video. It has a strong educational structure, from a basic starting point and build up, clearly explained to the final ‘print’.

    Cheers Stefan

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