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Finding the right angles

Making a photo work is part of many many elements, light, storytelling, poses, composition, tinting, “retouch” and so much more.
But one of the key elements is also finding the right angles.


There are always books/videos/sites that will tell you HOW to shoot something or how NOT to shoot something, if you would follow ALL the NOTs you would probably not make a picture anymore and if you follow all the HOWs you will probably shoot images that don’t work. I strongly believe that making a good shot is very personal, not only depending on the photographer but most of all the situation, model etc.
Today some attention to finding the right angles.
According to some a wide angle is not really used in model photography (and according to some it’s cool, I’m in that category) so today some images and tips for shooting images a bit differently.


In this shot we used a mirror on the floor and I shot it with a 24 from slightly above the model (It helps to be tall, or a ladder also).
Twiga May 2 2015 0141

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Movement with Kirsten

As you probably know I love shooting motion, and what is better for that than working with a dancer (or dancers).
Last week Kirsten visited our studio for some new shots, and today I can share some of that shoot.
All shots/jumps are real and no Photoshop was used except for tinting and sharpening.

Kirsten May 1 2015   0095

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Don’t you just love motion

One of the things I absolutely LOVE to do is adding motion to a shot, especially freezing it.
For my classic portraiture series I’m working with some artists and actors to build a small series and one of the people on my list was Lorenzo.
Now maybe you know Lorenzo from “So you think you can dance” and the movie “Body Language” and if you do, you know this boy can move….


Lorenzo was more than willing to pose for the classic portraits (which I show later in the week), but he also had some cool ideas himself, and when a dancer has some ideas… well just go with it.


Today some of the results from that session.

Lorenzo  November 11 2014 0016

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If I had to choose one type of shoots I really like the most….. for me that would be working with dancers.
Now don’t get me wrong I love shooting celebrities for their character and models for their poses, good looks etc. but when working with dancers it just brings something completely new to the table, action, motion but most of all power and passion.


All the dancers I’ve worked with so far are passionate about what they do, when you ask them to jump they don’t say “but will I look good” but they just jump and give you the best performance they can, if you want a jump to look about the same twice… no problem (for most), but most of all…. most dancers (or performing artists) will also bring you creativity, they will not just jump but they will help you as a photographer to tell a story.


Photography is acting on a 1/5000 of a second, freezing an unique moment in time that will never come back the same way and with dancers this is all maximized in one shoot. So when I was looking for “models” for a 2 day 1:1 workshop with the theme motion, my first idea was of course “dancers”. Thanks to the power of social media I got into contact with this duo, Marvin and Sharda, two amazingly talented people and very enthusiastic. Today some of the images from that workshop.


Marvin en Sharda Maart 12 2014 (39 of 69)-Edit

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