Guestblog Morgana Creely

We are on our way to PhotoShopWorld, so that means you will be reading some posts by me from location but also some guestbloggers, and today….. She has been featured before as a guestblogger and with great joy I can give you a new guestblog by Morgana.

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Changing the look of your set

One of the things I always try to teach during the workshops is the power you have as a photographer when you are using strobes, you can make the most beautiful setups and control the light on location, techniques like “dragging the shutter”, “day to night”, “fill in flash” etc. are all awesome…. and convert a scene to something completely different, I always call it “painting your own reality with light”.

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Teaser cartoon

Today just a small video of Glyn Dewis shooting my cartoon character which we will show soon 😀


The DoubleD workshops

As you know I’m mainly specialized in teaching workshops/seminars, in our studio in Emmeloord I teach them approximately twice a week in different settings and with different themes ranging from Photoshop/Lightroom, basic, glamour, small flash and even DSLR Filming….. however that’s me….


During the workshops I hear a lot of stories from students that were disappointed by other workshops they did, the stories range from “no new material”, “bad teacher”, “no teaching at all, just shooting” etc. you probably all experienced situations like this, for a while I did not think about this and just tried to teach the best workshops I could to make sure that my students would always be coming back for more and were happy (which they are :D).


However while traveling the world and teaching I meet a lot of great photographers and instructors, often friendships are build and we often communicate through social media or email, so slowly I started to think why not use this network and create something really cool for the students in the Netherlands, and before I knew “Frank Doorhof and Friends” was born.

In this program I’m inviting some of my friends over to teach in our studio in unique marathon workshops, spreading 4 days in which both I and the guest instructor teaches full day workshops, this weekend it was the kick off for “Frank Doorhof and Friends” with no one less than (in my opinion) one of the best UK retouchers and instructors Glyn Dewis

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