Bruce plus one

You know that I’m not really someone that will try to fill the blog everyday with a found video, a found image etc. I try to update the blog on a daily basis with interesting stuff. Sometimes some new images but most of the time I will also write something with the images to give at least some “education”. However today I do something else…..


A few years ago I got this video from a student of mine, he had a big smile and said “Frank, you really have to watch this… this is how people see fashion photographers”. Well I have to be honest it started out like a real video…… Oh well just watch it yourself. I think it’s hilarious. In fact I still use this video during some of my workshops to show the students for some comic relief.

And because I’m sharing a video now I also think I cannot miss this one…. still love that movie (Zoolander)

New model Esmee and finding new models

I love working with models I know, as most of you do.
The workflow is known, you know what you’re gonna get, and it’s often quicker than with a model you don’t know. However one of the things that’s very important is that when someone looks at your portfolio, books a workshop, or will give you assignment you have to offer as much variety as possible. Because let’s say your “soon to be client” doesn’t like model A and your whole portfolio is filled with this model, it could very well be that you miss that assignment.

However most of all I think working with new faces is just way too much fun to be “forgotten”.
A new person in front of the camera is (at least for me) always a challenge, “let’s see what she/he can do”, “Let’s see how she/he reacts to jumping/expression etc”.

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Some new polaroids

As you know sometimes I share some new polaroids I shoot during the workshops/sessions.
Today two from Marie.

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Blast from the past

Sometimes photography is pure magic, seeing what you can do with light and with some glass and a sensor/film can be pure magic. But we as photographers are also little time machines (some even big), we freeze moments in time that NEVER will come back, every photograph is unique and tells the story from that period of time, that little fraction of time, that unique smile, the moment a new life is brought into this world, or taken away, when 2 people commit to each other or ……


Photography can be pure emotion, and sometimes we are in fact the ones that shoot the final images of someone at the end of their life for their family to treasure and enjoy/remember a loved one by. When you realize this you will start to give more attention to your photography and start thinking about the impact your shots can have, so you try to do the best you can. For me this is a continues driving force to make sure when I shoot someone I will do my utmost to make sure that my images will be “worth” something.

My whole family was into photography and video, but most of all my grandparents, both are deceased now but every workshop and interview I give I will honor them by mentioning that they were my inspiration to work on my photography and video. My earliest memories of my grandfather were of him standing in Austria near a mountain with a light meter and reading the light to take the shot, but also him walking around with a camera around his neck. Now let’s make one thing clear he was never a professional photographer but man if someone was passionate about his “hobby” it was him.

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