Because we can….

I know you just love the blogposts about doing shoots without any budget so I thought let’s post another one of those.
In this case we look at our model Gwendolyne, she is wearing an amazing creation she made herself with (and I hope this is the correct translation) Bubble plastic 😀

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A very quick light metering tip

A few days ago I got an email from someone who asked me “where to point the meter outside”.
The main reason he was confused because some people would say :

“Use the histogram and don’t get a meter”
Well I won’t even go into that one.


“Always aim towards to the camera”
This is wrong, I showed this in a video a while ago, and it’s easily explained.
When you aim towards the camera and move the light to the sides (but keep the distance the same to your subject) the meter will show different readings, but the light should stay the same due to the inverse square law, also the model will go up in brightness which is of course not correct, the quality/direction of light should change but not the brightness of your subjects skin.


“Always aim towards the light source”
This is what I teach people.
And in my opinion it’s the best way, by doing it this way you are metering the light hitting your subject and you will have a perfect/proper exposure on the area you meter your subject. HOWEVER having said that now comes the problem…

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New KelbyTraining video trailer

A few weeks ago I was in Tampa to film two brand new classes for
The first one will be online on September 19th and is about creative use of light and props with dancers.

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Shooting on location with Marie

Today some new images from Marie.
These were shot during a 1:2 workshop with our friends from Armee design (the “guru” who designed the leaders for our webpodcast “The DOORhof is always open”). All images were shot on location.

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