Some polaroids from Gwendolyne

As you have already read on the blog I’ve started a new project with analogue and polaroids.
This will be all added together in a future episode of “The DOORhof is always open”, which by the way can now also be found on the iTunes store, so if you don’t want to miss an episode, make sure to take a subscription (it’s free).

Impossible project BLUE 100, in Mamiya RZ67ProII

Today some scans from polaroids I took during the workshop with Gwendolyne last week.

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Vienna final images

We’re already back from Vienna, the workshops rocked :D, will be showing some images from them in the coming days.
But first today the final images from the last day in Vienna.
As you know a few weeks ago I started to get more seriously into street photography for the first episode of “the DOORhof is always open”, during our stay in Vienna I put myself into a challenge mode to start with more surrounding shots and build up to one of the most difficult things to do, street portraits, and today some of my favorite shots of the last day in which I tried to get a bit more close and personal with the “street”.

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Some new images from Corine

I think Corine must be one of the first models I worked with in our studio and as you can see she is still going strong. In the previous blogpost you have seen some of the polaroids we shot during a 1:1 workshop, today some of my personal favorite digital images from that day.

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