Creativity and much more…. Part I

Photography is an art form.
To create art we need….. inspiration, vision etc.
When you start out as a photographer you will all know the problem.
You find a model that is willing to pose for you but she shows up with the standard jeans and shirts that she wears in every day life….. in the end you can make some images but it’s not what you really want is it ? In the coming days/weeks I will add posts with this topic with stories, tips etc.


Sometimes inspiration can be instant.
The opening image in this blog post for example is an idea that just was there during a session. This shot was done many years ago, in that period Corine was a lot in our studio (at least once a week) and we were working on different experiments with poses, light, clothing etc. Exploring new ways to shoot so to say. And sometimes there were ideas we worked out and sometimes we just “freestyled”. This image was done spontaneous. Actually the idea was to shoot a boxer type shoot with some water on the model, some intense light and keep it with that. However after those shots we decided it would be cool to use this wooden pallet to be incorporated in the shoot, but how….  The first images showed Corine just holding the pallet, later we decided it would be cool if it looked like she hit straight through it, in the end the gloves came of and she moved behind the pallet and started to look through it, the final shot (this one) the scream was added… and to be honest I think this is maybe one of the first ever shots I did with a scream 😀

Here you can see the first images from this session, which I don’t have online in my portfolio.

Do you have examples of this kind of instant inspirational shots and how they progressed feel free to add them to under share your shots. Tomorrow I will continue this series.