Creativity and much more ….. Part III

Props to shoot with can take up space, so how do we add stuff that is less “space consuming” but still can be used ?


Can be bought for next to nothing when you watch the local stores or internet and they can be used in a lot of different ways. We have several hanging in our studio which can be used for different settings. Personally I’m not a big fan of these but I’ve used them for several commercial shoots and the people seem to love them, so they paid themselves back already. The shot I did like is the one in the blog openings post. Maybe someday I think of something spectaculair to do with them (without setting them on fire….. hummm…. no can’t do that…… )


I love shadows, and blinds can do just that. Great to shine some hard light through. Also great for that film noir effect, or just plain for glamour or portraits with an edge, also these can be bought well below 10 euros.


Even simpler
Sometimes you just need something to make a pose interesting, give the scene something “else” etc. So why not just use the ladder we use to change the paper rolls ? it’s already there and was never used in a shoot before.

Feel free to add your cheap tricks/props that can make a shoot more interesting without breaking the bank.

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  1. Leo Koach
    Leo Koach says:

    Excellent work as always… Do you have a short link to your videos? I find a few but if you have a download location or something, that would be super 🙂

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