Retouched image from Nadine

A while ago Pascal and I got in contact via social media.
I liked his work and he liked mine so it was not long before I send him an image to play with, in this blog post the result and a small story by Pascal himself. Hope you guys like the result.

Since I was 12 years old (1982) I was fascinated by photography and got some education from a friend who was into photography, het taught me stuff about photography and developing, but also about the vision to get a good shot and that a good photo should tell a story.

In 1991 I got into the computer part of the business, or in other words Photo-manipulation I started out with the Commodore Amiga (I think it was the 128kb version), during that time Adobe also released a program that would later develop into Adobe Photoshop, this is were the basis for my retouching was done. After the PC’s got powerful enough, and not unimportant affordable, I bought an Acer where I learned to work with the first Windows version and Photoshop, after that I ventured into 3D art but somehow this was not something I really liked, so it was back to photography and retouching. The only thing I missed was the illusion like you can get with 3D manipulation, so I started trying to get my knowledge of 3D art into the photo reality retouches. This is how my way of working has developed. At this moment in time I try to imagine a concept and start shooting with this in mind, this way I can make the pose and composition the way I want and it will fit the artwork, and of course I will build the image until the story is shown, this way the images “the fallen angel” and “the dark angel” were done and these images got the attention of Frank. He asked me to work on one of his images and of course I did.

I was flattered because Frank gave me compliments on my work and it’s of course cool to work on one of his images, so I jumped at the occasion as you can imagine. When I got the image I tried to imagine the story, soon the story arose as you can see in the final result, however you keep on looking and things get added and added till you get the feeling it’s finished, for the viewer there also has to be an “open” feel for the story so they can also let their own imagination run free with it. When you can achieve this with an image I will leave it at that and finish the image.

At the moment I’m photographing again, glamour 🙂