Narrow it down

This is a tip that is very universal and will probably be difficult to execute but trust me it’s worth it.
I see examples of this on a daily basis in both my portfolio reviews as in online presence.
After a shoot you’re very enthusiastic about the results, and I get that, I’m the same way. But when posting the images online make sure you choose the RIGHT images, don’t post 10 images with 2 sets where 80% of the images look the same with subtle chances in poses or expression.
Choose the 1-2 images that really are AWESOME, and keep the “But these are nice too’s” on your harddrive where they will live a long and prosperous life 😀
Impact is made with 1-2 images that rock, the impact will fade with 7-8 extra that are ok.
Don’t get me wrong, I love to see loads of images but a portfolio or a blogpost I think should have the best ones only and not slight alternates that are not really adding to the story or impact. If you want to load them all onto facebook/G+ etc. that’s no problem of course but I think for your portfolio or “presentation” you can better show 10 kick @ss shots than 30 shots that are ok with 10 great ones.


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