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A new model in our studio for a very special session and she rocked it

Trial by fire

For the workshops we are always looking for new models.
Before I use a model in a group I always invite them for a test session. A test session is a great way to get to know each other, explain how the workshops work and take some photos for her portfolio and for me the see how she/he is in front of the camera.

For Jannaika it was a bit different 😀
If you have been following my work for a few years you probably remember Sanne. A few years ago we worked a lot with Sanne and also did some sessions for the Miss competitions  Sanne organises.

Jannaika is Miss Photogenic 2024 and Sanne was convinced she would be a perfect model for me.
And you never guessed it… we needed a model for the Digital Classroom.
So the images you see here were shot during a live stream, and we literally met 5 minutes before we went live. It doesn’t happen a lot but I was impressed.

I think we will see more of Jannaika in the future.


What happens when you change it to Black and White?

What happens if you change your photo to Black and White?

The choice between black and white, or color can be tricky.
For me personally I sometimes shoot something with the intent to make it black and white. But then when I see the results I often keep it in color, because I just love the way it looks. And what happens if you change your photo to Black and White?

Sometimes you might shoot something that is very colorful and you don’t even think about black and white. That’s why I post this today.  Luckily with digital, we can of course do both 😀

The horror clown is back!

Well she was here just 2 days ago, so she was not really gone 😀
But as you could have seen in the previous blog post about the horror clown, the color was pretty colorful. So this is the kind of set where you might not immediately think about a black-and-white conversion, but…. think about this.

Black and white doesn’t just mean we take out the color.

In fact, you can still manipulate the colors via the H(S)L adjustments in Lightroom. A bit like in the old days photographers did with filters. We can now manipulate images to our hearts’ content in our RAW convertor.

The idea of black and white in this setting is not to take out color but to inject a lot of mood and make the images more creepy. And that’s the cool thing about black and white. I sometimes make the joke

“if you mess up a shot, add a lot of contrast and noise, make it black and white, and voila instant art”

It sounds weird, but it’s really true.
If we look at a color image that is just slightly out of focus or has a shadow that’s not 100% correct in color we immediately see this as “bad”. But make it black and white and we see it as mood, or we don’t even notice it. Now that doesn’t mean that all my images that are black and white are “bad” images of course. But some street photography images have been “saved” that way in the past 😀

But let’s first take a look at the original blog post about the horror clown.
Now that you have seen the color versions, let’s go to black and white.

change your picture into black and white change your photo to black and white change your image into black and white

As you can see the images get a totally different vibe and look.
For me even more creepy than the color versions.

Learning all about lighting in our workshops

For me teaching the workshops is not all about lighting.
Personally, I think there is a lot more than just lighting or a cool/fitting backdrop.
A good photo is a cooperation between the model and the photographer. So coaching and making a model feel at ease is vital. But after that, the real creativity comes into play, and during the workshops, I try to focus at least 80% on creativity.

This can be with lighting, but also with the storytelling part.

As mentioned in the previous blog post, working in “super creativity” model can enhance your skills way above the level you would achieve if you only shoot what you are hired for. Plus if you can shoot images that your client is not used from you it could very well be that he/she asks for something a bit more creative.

Visit www.frankdoorhof.com and www.photography-workshops.eu for the workshops in Dutch and English.

Narrow it down

This is a tip that is very universal and will probably be difficult to execute but trust me it’s worth it.
I see examples of this on a daily basis in both my portfolio reviews as in online presence.
After a shoot you’re very enthusiastic about the results, and I get that, I’m the same way. But when posting the images online make sure you choose the RIGHT images, don’t post 10 images with 2 sets where 80% of the images look the same with subtle chances in poses or expression.
Choose the 1-2 images that really are AWESOME, and keep the “But these are nice too’s” on your harddrive where they will live a long and prosperous life 😀
Impact is made with 1-2 images that rock, the impact will fade with 7-8 extra that are ok.
Don’t get me wrong, I love to see loads of images but a portfolio or a blogpost I think should have the best ones only and not slight alternates that are not really adding to the story or impact. If you want to load them all onto facebook/G+ etc. that’s no problem of course but I think for your portfolio or “presentation” you can better show 10 kick @ss shots than 30 shots that are ok with 10 great ones.


New Portfolio

Yeah I know when I do a portfolio review I always tell people to bring their portfolio down to just a few shots, often maybe 10-20% of what they are showing now, but when I looked at my own online portfolio….. well it was a bit too big I guess. There are a lot of excuses of course, like
too busy
oh but I really love that shot
oh but everybody loves that shot
hummmm I just love the tinting in that one
etc. etc.

Irma 17 Oktober 2009_00066

So after my trips from November and seeing the fact that a lot of things will change for us in 2013 (all good by the way) I thought it was time to start cleaning house in my portfolio….. and that was hard. In total I had over 900 images online ranging from fashion work to street photography and some sports. And don’t get me wrong I love sports but that category is gone, and trust me I love live concerts but also that one is gone. Those images can still be found on my blog of course and I will keep updating those with those shots but what is a portfolio?

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