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A small tips video on the lightmeter

Because there are so many questions about the light meter, we shot a small video covering the basics.
And actually everything you need to know I think to start using the meter.


One of the things that is often overlooked in a photoshoot is styling.
One can argue that styling is often expensive and that a good stylist is hard to find, however I disagree. Yes a good stylist is very hard to find, however why not at least try it yourself. Daily I get images from photographers asking me how I like their images, and some images are indeed nice or even cool, often however they are in my opinion “not as good as they could have been” due to a lack in styling. Or in other words, great lighting on a great location but the model is standing there in just jeans and a top…. in this blog post a few pointers to do the styling yourself or with your model without much budget.

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Creativity and much more ….. Part III

Props to shoot with can take up space, so how do we add stuff that is less “space consuming” but still can be used ?
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Nirmala with some “different” lighting

During the glamour workshops it’s always a question what I will do.
Together with the Advanced workshops these are the workshops were I love to experiment, freak and sometimes do things I never did before. Add to this a great model like Nirmala and you know it’s “party” time….. In this blog post some of the images and some of the techniques discussed.

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