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Cherelle fashion 1:1 workshop

Today it was time for a 1:1 workshop with one of the most beautiful models I know (well ok they are all beautiful bit it sounds nice, doesn’t it ?) Cherelle. The 1:1 workshops are always special because the student can make his/her own program, and for me it’s always challenging because I can often do stuff I normally don’t teach during the workshops, or do in my own work.

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You wanted to know…. getting a glamour shot and posing.

Sometimes I will give the blog topic to the people on social media, being Facebook, twitter etc.
Yesterday I asked people what they wanted me to blog about and today I will incorporate a few of those questions in this blog post.

But first.
Make sure to check out the LIVE! page today, we will be broadcasting LIVE from the studio today during our shoot.
It’s not a workshop, or educational, it’s just a backstage look which can be very educational of course due to the fact we have a chatroom running where you can ask whatever you like.

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The “soul” of a shot

Without a doubt something I love to do is to create a mood in a shot.
Much to my surprise I get a lot of questions were people show me totally “flat flashed” images and ask me “how do I go from this to your work, which filter do you use ?” well…… the magic Frank Doorhof filter is still in beta and ….. well ok I will tell you in this blog post.

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