Testsession and introduction new model LT.

As you might have read on Twitter, we’re looking for new models for the workshops.
Every once in a while it’s time to refresh the models of course and at the moment we’re in the middle of the testshoots. In these testshoots the models are in the studio for approximately 1-2 hours and in the testsession I try to build a portfolio for them, but most of all of course test them for the workshops. The models I use for the workshops have to have certain qualities which go further than just being pretty.

Yesterday it was time for LT, and yes that’s really her name (it was the first thing I asked).
LT will be doing some of the fashion workshops for me and I’m already in love with her looks, very classic and a great sense of humor.

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About the studio, and tight spaces

The following blog post is based on another two questions I got via Twitter.
Frank, give us some tips on building your own studio
Frank, can you give some tips on working in tight spaces

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The things that you really need…..

A lot of people ask me about those little things that really are necessary to own.
If you look at the gear guide on this page you can already see some of the items I will mention in this thread. But I think it’s interesting to also do a small blog post about some of the items that will save your session, or add some amazing creative options…..
So here we go.

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