How to use alternative light

One of the things that’s always cool to do is work with alternative lighting.
Now this sounds a bit weird but I always call it alternative because it’s not strobe based, so with alternative lighting I actually mean lighting not based on strobes.

Because it’s so much fun we did a whole episode of digital classroom about it.
If you want more in depth information make sure to check out my video “Any light will do” which covers everything you always wanted to know about alternative lighting, and the cool thing is that most of the techniques you can also use for strobes, the sun etc. You can get the video at

Anyway let’s look at the results from the Digital Classroom broadcast with our new model Elaine which you can find here
Please do remember that these were shot during a live broadcast, so although some look really nice (if I say so myself) it’s not the best you can get, it’s literally shoot for 2-3 minutes and that has to do.

First set was with the new Hensel Intraled lights.
First image with a Beautydish

Second one with a snoot and grid

The cool thing about the intra leds is that you can use the normal Hensel modifiers (same mount) so you have a very versatile system in which you can use your favorite lightshaping tools also on your Led lights.

Second set I went for the Westcott Icelight
Now I do like this lightsource, but… and a big BUT, you have to get it with the barndoors, and that does make it pretty expensive, but it’s really a lot of fun and great value for the results you get.

After the Ice Light (and yes the images are tinted) I switched over to the LumeCube on a selfiestick.
Really awesome little led light and if you mount it on a selfie stick you can get some crazy creative results while holding the light source yourself.

For the next shot I added a LedGo ledstrip from the side, set to RED.
Plus I took a bit more lensflare.

After this a quick shot with the LedGo ring light, a must buy for every studio, it’s not that expensive and it really gives you great results for beauty or fashion. I also own a strobe ringlight and they are really awesome.

Ok, after this quick shot we went on for shots with a chandelier, combined with the LedGo intra led with a snoot/grid on the face of our model.

By mixing these two light sources you get some funky colorplay on the model.
Tungsten is of course a lot more reddish than the Intra Led and this gives some great creative options.

And you can also shoot through the chandelier of course.

For the final set we went totally budget.
All the following images were shot with just a tungsten light bulb.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.
And I would love to see your alternative light shots.
You can also send them in to for a review in next months Digital Classroom.

Canon EF lenses on Sony for 99.00 yes it’s true

Yongnuo just released what must be the most affordable AF canon convertor for Sony on the market. Get it here

For under $100.00 you can now use your canon EF lenses on your new Sony body. Or if you’re already shooting Sony you can buy canon EF lenses.

It looks to be a very complete adaptor and without a doubt a must buy if you own a lot of canon glass.

Do realize that although some lenses will actually work better on a Sony other lenses can work slower. So do find some info online before investing in glas.

Cool thing is the fn menu button. Let’s see what that will do in the future. And of course thanks to usb the convertor can be updated.

I did not test this convertor but for this price I would say it’s an incredible deal so get it if your thinking about it 🙂

Digital Classroom, May 29, 3PM-5PM CET

Frank Doorhofs Digital Classroom is sponsored by BenQ & Rogue.

This is a live, interactive, free, online broadcast from our studio in Emmeloord. And this time the topic of the live shoot is:

Alternative Lighting
Studio lighting or lighting, in general, is often directly linked to strobes, and although strobes are very important and cannot be replaced in our opinion with continuous lighting when you want to freeze motion it’s no secret that LED is becoming more and more interesting for studios that don’t use any motion. And don’t forget video of course where LED really revolutionized the market. But…. What if we don’t use them for standard work?

LED lights come in different sizes and colors. As in our video “Any Light Will Do”, you can use any light, or combine different kinds of lightings to get a great creative shot.
Small, like a light bulb or big like a LED panel, or maybe even a LED tube. Frank uses it when he wants to shoot something totally different.

How do you meter the light? Do you use a color checker like Frank always does? And how do coach your model for the perfect photo when motion is out of the question? And what about retouching your picture to get the signature Frank look?

But most of all, how do you use all these light sources in a freaky creative way.

Frank will show you all of this and more in this 2-hour episode.

Because we have several cameras in the studio you can see the whole setup. We zoom in when Frank takes the shot and show you via “picture in picture” the results. We also improved our desktop resolution so you can now see better which settings he uses when retouching.

And the best thing is you can talk to Frank & the crew LIVE in the chat on YouTube or Facebook.

So, if you want to be creative with any light, you’ll have to watch this episode

During digital classroom, it’s also possible to send in your portrait pictures and Frank will critique them. Mail them to

Join us in this 2-hour free, live, online interactive show on Wednesday, May 29, 3PM CEST or

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Save huge on raw storage

Sometimes you see things where you go “oh wow finally something ground breaking”

Now in all fairness I am not able to test this because I run on windows and at this moment only a Mac version is available. But I really would urge you guys to look at this.

We all know that raws take up a lot of space. But it’s also a format you should never even throw out. So what if there was a solution that could make your raw much smaller without losing any information?

Well look no further and visit

It looks awesome.

Let me know what you think.