Canon EF lenses on Sony for 99.00 yes it’s true

Yongnuo just released what must be the most affordable AF canon convertor for Sony on the market. Get it here

For under $100.00 you can now use your canon EF lenses on your new Sony body. Or if you’re already shooting Sony you can buy canon EF lenses.

It looks to be a very complete adaptor and without a doubt a must buy if you own a lot of canon glass.

Do realize that although some lenses will actually work better on a Sony other lenses can work slower. So do find some info online before investing in glas.

Cool thing is the fn menu button. Let’s see what that will do in the future. And of course thanks to usb the convertor can be updated.

I did not test this convertor but for this price I would say it’s an incredible deal so get it if your thinking about it 🙂