Tip : Just ask

People often tell me that they saw amazing things and didn’t take a photo because they didn’t have the guts to ask.

Trust me on this one.

The worst that can happen is the answer “no”. No one will start screaming at you or kill you. Literally the worst that can happen is “no”

If you feel uncomfortable just start small. Ask some local shop owners if they mind having their picture taken. You will quickly find out that they often don’t mind. They even are willing to pose and give you the time to do so. Although some will say “no” I guess 80% will say “yes”.

So don’t miss those shots. Just ask.

The shot above was shot during a trip.

I just loved the little place and just asked the guy if I could take a shot. He didn’t even think about it. “Sure fellow”

Love the little tips?

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