A glamorous tip

Glamour or boudoir photography can be a very difficult topic. Where do you set the border between safe for work or not safe for work. In other words…. when can someone take offense to a shot?

Now in all honesty some people will take offense to almost anything and some people will never.

In my personal opinion photography is art. I for example mostly shoot fashion, street and travel and just love to play with styling. But sometimes I also love to shoot glamour and I absolutely love the way you can play with lighting and props and the pose of the model to hide everything but still get a great shot that triggers the imagination of the viewer. Like in this shot.

I strongly believe that when you take care of your lighting and the pose of the model it’s not about the model but about the image and that’s I think where I draw that fine line. A good image should always be about the image and the story that image tells you.

How about this shot.

The trick is very simple.

Make sure you first use the chair to make the model pose and hide most of the body. Thanks to the chair you’re now also more able to help the model pose in a natural looking way but still covering up the parts of the body you want covered.

Create some cool figures with the position of the legs and arms and finish it off with very focused light. Tilt the body and let the model play with her hair a bit and you are creating a totally different glamour shot with a lot more tension I think.

What’s your opinion on glamour?