The reversed Rembrandt triangle

Somehow people often think that proper lighting should always be placed in the front. However when we look even at nature you will see that it’s often not the case. Light will literally hit us from every side.

So when doing a setup for your model Photogaphy don’t always go for the light from the front. Move around your model or just place the light behind the model.

The think I always look for is that the eyes are clearly seen and I always try to create some sort of reverse Rembrandt triangle. Hitting the eyes and part of the cheek.

It’s not easy but when you master this it’s a very powerful lighting technique. I’ve discussed it in many of my videos which you van find on

In this sample you see the lighting setup used during a live shoot for Sony in studio 34x. The trick here was that I also had to change the direction of light to prevent it from hitting the reflective background. We call this feathering the light.

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