Some more from Carmen

Today some of my favorite shots from the workshop we did with Carmen last week, I already shared the X100 shots, but I also loved these, and these were shot with the Leaf Aptus, light : one Elinchrom Quadra


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  1. terry
    terry says:

    Cool, Frank. But what if I did not like that blown out horizontal stripe across the skateboard ramp?

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      Then there is no problem at all, there are more shots 😀

      Without kidding, that’s the sun hitting the metal, it’s impossible to get that out. I could have chosen a different angle, but personally I love it, it shows the contrast in the scene for me.

  2. terry
    terry says:

    ok. Do you use filters outdoors? If so, do you like the slot-in slide or the screw-on types? Thanks

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