Sekonic module for Elinchrom and more

Today a very special video.
First of all it’s the topic of the video.
For years I’ve been using a light meter and to trigger the strobes I’m using a second sky port (or Pocketwizard) to trigger the strobes and meter the light, however this is of course not perfect. Sekonic already has modules for pocket wizard, but somehow there were no Elinchrom compatible versions so I always carried the second sky port with me…


Until a few weeks ago someone got me an interesting piece of gear.
It’s a module that you place in the Sekonic light meter and you can not only trigger the strobes…. but you can do more, for that you have to watch the video.


The video is also special because it’s the first video in the “The DOORhof is always open” series.
This is a new videopodcast we are working on and will see regular releases, most videos will be short news, tips/tricks items but once every 4-6 weeks I hope to release a longer videopodcast with a guest and some interesting topics. Because this is the first video I ask you to be gentle, we will learn along the way :-). I want to give my deepest thanks to Aletta Armee for designing the intro and bumpers, you rock.


For more information about the DIY module read on:


The module is available for the following meters:
L-358, L-758, L-608, independent of european, chinese or US-version. The module could work also in L-558 and C-500, but is not yet tested.
And there are different versions:
– Elinchrom Skyport
– Hensel Strobe Wizard
– Profoto AirSync / AirRemote
– Yongnuo CTR301 / RF-601 / RF-602


And some of the features for the Elinchrom:
– Normal and speed mode
– Group settings
– Power regulation and pilot light switching possible (optional keys demanded)
– Standalone-Mode (e.g. for integration in third pary flashes as receiver, or remote camera release)


Up to now, there are only evaluation modules for testing available. But if there is a lot of interest, this could be a commercial product soon.
There is also a german blog entry on 


You can also order them from this website