Composition, creativity etc. Part III

In Part III we look at some more images where we put elements together.
And do remember that you can “force” luck.


Some humor and realness
As mentioned before I love story telling, especially in my street photography, and do remember I’m not really a street photographer, and one of the most rewarding results is if you can have some humor in your images, this however often means having quick reflexes, and sometimes being able to run fast… 🙂


This image was shot on Rodeo drive Los Angeles.
I just loved the combination of the sneakers, clothing, cellphone and expensive stores so I could not resist.
The image you see above for me is nice due to the print on the nuts stand and the officers all standing in line, I have to add that I have the utmost respect for these people who often risk their lives for our safety or “pleasure”, the officer looking at the camera completes the shot for me and meant I had to wait a fraction of a second longer to capture it.

 The image above will get different responses from people. For me it’s more a story telling image but for some it’s also very funny. The human counting his money, the birds waiting for some nuts to fall…. everyone will make their own story to some images and I think this only enhances the fun for us as story tellers. This is also why I’m not always telling people the stories I see in the image, I don’t want to spoil their “fantasy”. In fact in this article I’m for the first time really explaining what I see in the images.


Movement for drama and story telling
It’s no secret I love drama and movement.
In the following image I was very lucky, I tried this shot two times before I got this one, the next train my subject stood up and took the train. I love the movement in the whole image, except that one person sitting there waiting.

In the next shot I used a “lucky shot” method, while walking I just pressed the shutter and hoped for a nice image, in this case I just couldn’t sit down and take the shot, in the end I’m glad because I think this final result worked much better.

In the next article some more information….
Feel free to comment and add ideas for future installments.




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    All good but LOVE the last shot, your “lucky shot”.  Excellent contrasting elements and mood.

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