Stephanie, corpses bride…..

Some shoots are planned and executed a few weeks later, and sometimes quicker.
Some shoots however are planned and take literally years to complete.
Not because it’s a difficult shoot, but because we really want to do it right the first time, in simple terms, some concepts you don’t do twice, you do it once and if you don’t do it right it’s that, you could of course not publish the series but with a whole team that’s often not the right solution. About 1 1/2 years ago Linda (my regular MUA) had the idea to do a session in the style of the corpses bride vs night of the living dead vs those old Italian zombie movies. I’m a huge horror fan so this really got me excited about the session.


See the backstage video here :

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Building a solid foundation

This weekend we had a nice discussion during one of the workshops about being creative and using all the tools like light meters and color checkers.


Somehow a lot of people now a days are only trusting their instant polaroid on the back on the camera, we have grown to know as the LCD display. This LCD display indeed shows you an image, and a histogram and of course shows you were the image clips in the blacks and whites, so what more would one need ? Well as mentioned some times before on this blog the histogram is highly inaccurate because it’s based on the JPEG tumbnail that is part of each RAW, but it’s also based on the settings like contrast and brightness which have no influence of the RAW files. Same goes for the color temperature. As explained in a previous blog post the use of the light meter is of vital importance to get the “diffused value” correct, or in more simple terms, make sure the “brightness/skin tone” of your model to be correct time after time and under different situations.
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Think in a different way

I’m love color.
Don’t ask me why but when ever I shoot I seem to think in color, but I also have to add that I LOVE black and whites, often when I shoot I think about a powerful black and white conversion, but somehow when I’m doing my retouch I love the black and white conversion but in the end almost always still choose the color version.

Now it’s a fact that you have to beware not to get stuck in one style….. so I thought let’s do a blog post about this.

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I love to shoot tethered, or in other words connected to a computer or laptop.
Even on location I try to shoot 100% tethered, unless it’s really not possible.
I hear you asking why ?

Well that’s very easy to explain :

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