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Workshop New York results

I love New York and it’s always fun to be back.
Originally this trip was planned as a 100% relax time trip, but things chance when you’re doing what I’m doing 😀
So we ended up teaching 2 different workshops in New York, the first one was for Mamiya/Leaf which you can find here and the second one was a workshop I organized in the studio of a buddy of ours Hector Martinez from 5thFloorstudios in long island.

Nicole May 3 2014 NY (125 of 170)-Edit

I’ve known Hector for many years and when he told me about his new project I really could not wait to test out the studio so because we were in New York anyway Annewiek and I decided to organize a workshop there, and man am I glad I did, the studio is awesome. There is plenty of room inside but the rooftops really got my creative juices flowing, actually I was planning on shooting the whole workshop with my Sony A7r but I decided that there was so much detail in the background I asked our friends from mamiya/Leaf (digital transitions) to lend me a Credo80 (80MP) which they did (thanks guys), because in all honestly…. the A7r is an awesome camera, and it actually is the camera I do almost all my workshops on location with, but shooting this kind of setups with a medium format camera… well it just brings a whole new dimension to the shots.

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Mamiya Leaf workshop New York

During our stay in New York I taught 2 different workshops.
The first one was for our friends from Mamiya/Leaf.
As you all probably know I’m a huge fan of shooting Medium Format, the image quality is “something else”.
I’ve started shooting medium format digital a few years ago and started out with a Mamiya digital back which, to put it mildly, actually didn’t life up to it’s expectations, my second back was much better, a Leaf Aptus 22. A 22MP back which at that time was a bump in resolution from my Canon 5D, but it was not the resolution I fell in love with, it was the dynamic range and most of all the look of the images, now this is very hard to explain but the images just look more 3D.

Leaf Mamiya workshop 3086-Edit

My very first experience with a medium format camera was during a professional imaging tradeshow some years ago when one of the Hasselblad representatives handed me one of their H2D bodies with back, at that point I thought I would never ever shoot medium format because of the price difference between a DSLR and medium format, however… when I retouched the files back home my mind changed and before I knew it I bought my first system.

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New York in the rain

Now most people hate it when it rains and I have to be honest, personally I also don’t like the rain, but as a photographer I just love it. In this case it meant being soaked during the day, because we were not prepared for rain like this, but somehow it also has some magical and I just can’t resist the reflections, the people who are even more in a hurry than normal and ….. well so much more.


The colors just pop when you catch the right reflection, but sometimes a “contrasty” black and white conversion just simply rocks. So don’t just stay inside when it rains, get on your rain clothing and go out and shoot a totally different city. I think you’re gonna love it.

April 30 2014 NY f (27 of 48)-Edit

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Street faces New York

Today a special post.
First of all it’s my birthday (43 already).
But second of all it’s a post about a topic I really love will on a trip, street faces.
Just random people I shoot on the street, some know and pose but most are just shot as they walk by, stand waiting etc.


For me finding the character, the unique person or just the “weird” ones is the challenge.
One could call it a self assignment 😀
I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoyed shooting them.

April 28 2014 s  (221 of 477)-Edit

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