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Low angle with wide angles

One of the things I sometimes love to do during street photography is to go really low close to a crossing and shoot up.
Sometimes people will look a bit funny but one of the advantages of doing it in New York is that…. well nobody really cares.
The results however can be pretty interesting.

Augustus 28 2014 NY  (254 of 298)_DxO

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Roof top New York by night

During the first day of the Ultimate workshop weekend we ended up on the roof in the evening to shoot some sunset/night shots.
And let’s be honest with a view like this…. who can resist.

Augustus 29 2014 NYC  (136 of 214)_DxO

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Results workshop NY part II

Today some images from the second day from the New York Ultimate workshop weekend.


Shot in the hallway.

Workshops 5thfloor NY 29-30 August 2014  (205 of 277)

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Results workshop NY part I

August 29-30-31 I taught an ultimate weekend workshop in New York at the studio from our friend Hector, 5th Floor.
An awesome location with loads of space and an amazing overview of New York.


The weekend was divided into several segments.
The first day it was mostly me explaining techniques, showing setups and letting the attendees shoot several shots per setup, during the evening we did some cool sunset and nightshots of New York, which I will share later.


The second day it was the time for the attendees to shoot, I switched between the groups to assist and help out with ideas, this day was ended with a nice BBQ on the roof.


Workflow and retouching was explained on Day 3, including a complete headshot session for each attendee.
The ultimate weekend workshops are exactly what they say, it’s the ultimate learning experience and to be honest it’s very intense for both me and the attendees but it’s so much worth it when hearing the responses and seeing the results. And with that being said…. here are some of my results.


We started out with showing the difference between natural light and strobes, explaining metering techniques and of course some information about coaching the model.

Workshops 5thfloor NY 29-30 August 2014  (6 of 277)

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