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Cherelle small flash

A few months ago I started teaching the small flash workshop.
I did use small flash before this of course but somehow never taught a workshop about it, until I talked a bit with Joe McNally who pointed out to me that there was a lot of interest for small flash workshops in a more technical approach, and because I’m a strong believer in understanding what’s going on when you shoot I decided to write a workshop that does not only tell you about ETTL and show some light setups, but a workshop that tells you where ETTL goes wrong and how you can solve this, but also how to shoot (and meter) for full manual mode, and of course how to use creative light setups, groups, ratios etc.

Last week it was time for Cherelle to be my model for the small flash workshop.
In this blog post some more information about the techniques, gear and of course some of my favorite shots from that day.


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My TwiT Photo interview

Yesterday I was interviewed and we did a live photo shoot during the live broadcast for TwiT.tv Photo.
In this blogpost the video from that interview, hope you like it 😀
Feel free to share the link to the video.

Light it……

During a 1:1 workshop it’s sometimes time to play, and this was such an occasion.
A while ago an amazing magazine was released on the iPad called “Light it!” and I’m one of the writers for the magazine (and please don’t start a “why isn’t it on the android” thread here :D). We got a nice Tshirt in the mail a few days ago and it was hanging in our studio when I suddenly thought about, why not add it to a photoshoot theme ?

What you see in this blogpost is the result from that idea, and a few tips that might be handy 😀

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Photoshoot Yves

Although most of what I shoot is of the female gender I do love to work with male models, and when I get the chance to shoot a model and theme that really fits my needs for my portfolio I of course jump to the occasion.

When Scott Kelby asked me if I knew some good models for his Amsterdam Seminar in the “Light it, shoot it, retouch it” tour I decided to search for a male model, because to be honest good female models I have plenty but good male models is a lot more difficult, from the responses I got Yves was without a doubt my first choice, part of the deal was that he would also got a shoot with me in our studio and you can imagine that I loved doing that. As a theme we decided to make a mix between boxing and fashion. In this blog post the result from that photoshoot.

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