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Ultimate workshop results Ice Light

Today some results from the setup we did with the Westcott Ice Light.
I love to use the Ice Light (with barndoors) to show how light behaves and how you can control the light, instead of letting the light control you.


All shot with the Sony A7R.
As you can see you can really pinpoint the light with the barndoors to make it do exactly what you want.

Lenaa February 21 2015 2134

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Westcott Ice Light video

A while ago I got the chance to test out the Westcott Ice Light.
For me it’s a wonderful teaching tool to really show what light does, but combined with the barndoors it’s also an amazing light source.


In this episode of “Quite Frankly” I show you some technique for using constant light during a photoshoot.

IceLight review

Today a small review on a speciale piece of lighting kit, the Westcott Ice Light.
Let’s first look at what it is…
Annewiek called it my short lightsabre and I have to be honest, it does remind me of one 😀
Here you see one in action in the shot.

Chantal Juni 25 2014 161 1

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Some images from Manon with the ice light

During a workshop last week I’ve played a bit more with the Westcott Ice Light, I will post a review online soon of this light source, today just a few images.

Manon Juli 5 2014 (34 of 153)_DxO

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