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Always shoot….

During trips it’s often travel, travel, travel….
And what do you do during travel?
Well you can of course work on a new book :D, do some surfing (if you have internet) or…. well what I love to do is do something that will get me some cool images, and when you have a model traveling with you it’s easy of course.


Sometimes you think “this location is not interesting enough” and you don’t shoot, but I’m 100% honest when I say that almost every location can be interesting if you use the proper angle to shoot it from, or use the “elements” that are available. In this case we were on the ferry to the UK and it was very windy (as usual) so I worked a lot with the hair of my model.


All shot are done with the Sony A7r and the Sigma 35mm 1.4 and Minolta 85mm
Editing in Capture One

Marie Juni 7 2014 aan boord 1

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Working with hair

Today a small tip that can really boost your photoshoot to the next level.
When you work with a model that has longer hair (and a strong color really helps), don’t forget to play with the hair in your shots. A portrait can be great but at one point you’ve probably had enough of standard portraits, now as soon as you start seeing hair as a “prop” you can get some really interesting shots.


In this blogpost a few shots I took from our model Marie during a workshop, it’s a very simple light setup and as you can see, when the subject is interesting enough…. 😀


Marie Mei 30 2014 (80 of 119)-Edit

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Playing with hair and expression

Sometimes a portrait can be incredibly simple but effective.
The next shots were done during a workshop with just an Elinchrom beauty dish with grid aimed at the model under a slight angle. The power for me in these shots is the very subtle expression enhanced with some wet hairs.


Now whenever you’re stuck in a session and don’t have the creativity to do something really cool with accessories etc. just wet the hair of the model and start playing with that, the longer the hair the better of course, the results will probably please you.


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Cool hair for free ? or little ?

In the previous post we talked about styling and the many things you can do to enhance your photoshoot.
I already briefly talked about “pushing” your makeup artist to also try to do something with hair, and I know that a lot of makeup artists claim to not be hairstylists, I also know that a lot of them, when they try, can do some amazing stuff with hair. And again this can really have an impact on the shoot.

There is however a nicer option.
What you can do is visit your local hairdresser and talk them into joining you for some sessions, the promise of some nice poster prints they can hang in their store, use on their internet site etc. will often make them more than willing to join your team. Make sure you have a nice model that is not afraid to have her or his hair done and you’re into photography heaven (well at least for me).


In this post some images I shot over the last few year for hairdressers, I have to add that for me these sessions were commercial sessions because there was a lot more work covered than I would do in free work sessions, but you can do the same with a local hairdresser if they are “freaky” 🙂 The only thing you have to do is visit them, show a nice portfolio and talk them into it. Do remember however when going into the conversation that you are offering something they really want, they just don’t know it yet. Because let’s face it, most of the images you see at your local hairdressers are from the manufacturer of the materials they use and not real work that the hairdresser did, so maybe offer them to shoot some normal images and 1 or 2 “freaky” ones giving you both something you can use. I say this because some hairdressers (especially the smaller local ones) will not be willing to work if you only do the more elaborate ones because they will never do something like this in real live, but they are often more than willing to hang some images from their normal everyday work… but also be aware that some really don’t want it, I always call them the hairdressers that are like photographers that only do passport images (and nothing more), they have a job and that is doing this or that but there is no real passion there, if that’s the case, just leave and find the next one.

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