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Some random shots from Lisanne

Sometimes we try something new in the studio.
Most of the times this is the start of something that I will try to work out in the future, in this case I wanted to create some “impossible” light setups. For this setup I shot the scene first without the model and later added the model(s) and the lights and blended those together to the end result. For this setup I used really flat lights, in the future this will be changed to more contrast lights.

During the day we also did some video to test out the new Sapphire Edge plugins for Final Cut Pro X for which I’m part of their beta program. The plugins are great and open up a lot of creativity. So during the day I also went outside with Lisanne to do some natural light shots and did some video to test out Final Cut Pro X before starting to use it on an assignment later this month (a new videoclip).

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