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Cover your eyes…..

Eyes are the mirror to the soul, we all have heard that one.
Sometimes however it can be very interesting to start playing with the concept “should I include the eyes in the shot YES/NO”


Today two images from the same session where I experiment with eyes covered and not.
For me personal I have no favorite but as you can see the mood from the 2 images is totally different, try to experiment in your own sessions with this concept and remember that, although we all love to see the eyes in a shot, it’s sometimes also very powerful to intentional hide them.

Roosmarijn Mei 22 2014  (20 of 155)-Edit

Roosmarijn Mei 22 2014  (35 of 155)-Edit

Playing with hair and expression

Sometimes a portrait can be incredibly simple but effective.
The next shots were done during a workshop with just an Elinchrom beauty dish with grid aimed at the model under a slight angle. The power for me in these shots is the very subtle expression enhanced with some wet hairs.


Now whenever you’re stuck in a session and don’t have the creativity to do something really cool with accessories etc. just wet the hair of the model and start playing with that, the longer the hair the better of course, the results will probably please you.


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Three portraits

During a session (for me) it’s very important to capture something that is “unique” although I know that everything has already been done at least once or twice (probably more) I still try to steer away from the “standard” beauty shot, and don’t get me wrong… there is nothing wrong with a beauty shot but for me… well it’s a bit “boring” to do myself.


So how do you approach something like this.
I always try to get something from my model, it can be a very subtle expression or something more.
In the following shot I went for the more relaxed expression.
Just let the model look away and let her think of someone that is coming over the hill, the fun part is that every model will give you a different expression.

Susanna December 20 2013-4-Edit

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