Expressions are cool….

Expressions are very important in our daily life, imaging talking to someone that shows no expression at all….. pffff terrible right?
Still I see a lot of photographs when I do portfolio reviews that show great lighting, awesome locations, great styling and makeup but they don’t work, they don’t trigger me… for the simple reason….. there is no expression.


For me it’s always a challenge to bring out expressions from my models that are special, a bit over the top, a bit provoking maybe but most of all they must make my viewer go like WOW. As you can see in the following two shots the background isn’t that interesting, but the wind and the expression of the model (plus pose) really make the images speak (well at least for me).



So next time you’re on a location of which you think “this is not that interesting” always remember that with some special coaching and a model that has some real expression/guts you can make it work.

Marie Juni 7 2014 aan boord s2 39

Marie Juni 7 2014 aan boord s2 48


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  1. Iden Ford
    Iden Ford says:

    You always nail it. Most of the time I mean the photo, here you nail the whole point of being a photographer of people. Can we thank Karsh for this? Yes and now Doorhof.

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