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50% Discount on all videos and presets for kings day 2024 (and a lot more discounts)

It’s a special day: Kings Day

Today it’s Kings Day in the Netherlands, a day filled with activities and festivities.
So we thought it would be the perfect day to also give some gifts to you. Here are the Kings Day discounts.

Did you Know? Lightroom

Presets and videos

Get a 50% discount on all preset packs and full-length tutorials, including the brand new “Did you know Lightroom”.
Use code: kingsday when checking out.
Our webshop


For 2024 we have a brand new workshop program, including some workshops focusing on getting more mood and storytelling into your fashion or portrait work.
For our Dutch workshops, we have a very special deal valid till April 28.
Book 2 workshops for € 350,00
Use our “friends deal” Bring a friend who never visited a workshop in Emmeloord and one of you is free.

See fotografie-workshops.nl for the agenda and more info (Dutch)

Studio rent discount

Since 2024 it’s possible to rent our studio for photo/video shoots.
Book at least 2 dates and get 25% off
Offer valid till April 28th
More info about our studio here.


Always wanted a cool backdrop?
Order today and we will contact you for a 25% discount on your order.
order via our webshop.


Want to see my impression of Kings Day 2024?
Check the blogpost here.


Black Friday

Well it’s that day again….
Of course we always try to give you guys the best bang for your buck, but this weekend we will do it a bit extra.

First for international customers

Only this weekend we are running a 50% discount on all my tutorial videos.
If you love the YouTube videos you’re going to really like the full length tutorials with topics ranging from lighting, retouching, street and travel photography, using the Lightmeter, colormanagement, Photoshop and Lightroom, Capture One, Styling on a budget and a lot more. Take a look at : DOWNLOADS

Use the coupon “50%BF23” when checking out.
And because it’s Black Friday we also included all my preset packs in the deal.


The following deals are for the Dutch customers


The first deal is 2 workshops in our studio for 350.00 euros.
You can choose freely which workshop to attend and the pass is valid for 2 years.
Mail us at [email protected] with the topic BF DEAL WORKSHOPS and we will follow up.


We love our ClickBackdrops and would love for you to use them too.
I’m using them in almost all my work and also take them with me on location.
For BlackFriday we are now offering a 25% discount via our CLICKBACKDROPS WEBSHOP

Use coupon “25%BF23” (clicki excluded)


Our IQwire tether cables has recently been renewed with an awesome Carbon Black Generation 2 version.
And we also added a complete cable defence system that will not only protect your cable but also your camera and laptop/tablet.
Order any IQwire in our IQWIRE WEBSHOP and you get a free CableBlock and free shipping.


The Rogue magnetic system is designed to be super flexible and creative.
But it’s also very easy to use and take with you, it all fits in your pocket.
Think about shooting an event and carrying a small softbox (the dome) in your left pocket and a snoot in your right pocket (yes it’s collapsible and usable in 4 settings).
But we also have colorgels for creative use and color correction and of cours stackable grids.

Use coupon “BF23” in our ROGUE WEBSHOP

Order our Rogue umbrella kit for €116,00 and you get a free diffuser/reflector panel.
Great to use to soften sunlight or create a nicer softer light from your strobes.

Add both to your basket and use coupon “FREE”.
When checking out the shop will discount the reflector
use products RGUMBKIT3238 en ROGUE32DF in our ROGUE WEBSHOP
Valid till 31/12


The magnetic system is awesome and the choice for many photographers that need a portable system but don’t want to sacrifice any quality or flexibility.
Order your magnetic kit from our ROGUE WEBSHOP and add the creative gel pack,  use the coupon “FREEGELS”  and it will discount the gels.

Valid for the following kits :
valid till 31/12 in our ROGUE WEBSHOP

Feel free to reach out if you experience any issues, or if you have any questions.




Black Friday…. loads of cool deals.

Love it or hate it, but Black Friday is always fun when you are looking for good deals.
And also this year we have some cool deals for you guys.

For all deals
Coupon “blackfriday22”

Videos and presets
50% off on all my full length tutorials and preset packs.
We have videos on many different topics ranging from modelphotography in the studio and on location to street and travel photography, there is something for everyone.

Shooting tethered in the studio or on location is one of the best things you can do for your workflow. But with modern cameras the demands on the cables are higher than ever.

IQqwire is the “next generation” in tethering.
Available in 5 and 10 meters with inline boosters and intelliconnect for a super steady and fast connection to PC/MAC and they also work with the iPad and Android tablets.

Thanks to the boosters and intelliconnect you can use one cable for all your cameras. When your camera doesn’t support USBc you can order one of our pigtails convertors to Micro/Mini, USB-A and Phase One.

Also under our IQwire category you can find the Arca Cable Block.
If you want a rock solid connection between your camera and the IQwire the Cable Block is the way to go. The Arca mount compatibel plate has special guides for tether cables and can be connected under the camera without the need for coins or screwdrivers. We also opted for a slightly smaller form factor so the battery is accessible in 90% of the cameras.

Amazing backgrounds for every studio (or location).
Available in Vinyl and Pro-fabric which mimics the old vintage canvasses we all love.
With more than 900 prints to choose from, I’m sure there is one for you.

Rogue / Expo Imaging
We have been working with Rogue for over a decade, and they are the kind of company we all love… they listen to the photographer and create gear we can not only use in one way, but that triggers your creativity to find new ways to light your subject, and with Rogue you have a super flexible system.

We have the Flashbender series, including the Frank Doorhof Softsilver edition which I use myself.
But we also released the magnetic system in 2022 which is aimed for all photographers shooting with speedlights or the popular round strobes. Recently we got a new addition to the line up with a magnetic snoot that can be used in 8 different ways.. talk about flexible.

For the larger strobes (and all others) we recently released a brand new umbrella system with a fiberglass frame for years of use, the umbrellas can be ordere separate but also in a nice carrying kit including the white and black umbrella (including a sleeve).

If you love to reflect the light we also got you covered with both round and rectangular reflectors. Personally I love working with the rectangular reflector if you need just a bit of light under the chin of the model, it works much easier than the round reflectors, which we use outside for maximum reflection surface.

And finally we also sell the Expo Imaging Expo Disc.
So something for everyone and now with an awesome 15% discount PLUS… everyone that orders before Saturday 0:00 will also get my speedlight tutorial for free.

We hope to have something for everyone in our offers.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask, we always try to respond within 24 hours.

Bring some Hollywood in your images

Sometimes you come across software that is truly unique.

Most software that you find online are variants of each other, eg Lightroom, Photoshop or they are focused on a specific part of the workflow such as tinting, skin processing, etc. But there is always a variant of a variant to be found. That’s why I was really surprised by BorisFX Optics.

As a big film lover I regularly see light effects of which you as a photographer know that it is as fake as can be… but oh how beautiful it is in the context of the film, think of the beautiful glow around street lighting in the fog on a warm summer evening, realize that there was no fog at all but it was added through special effects….

When we think of special effects we often think of space ships, talking mice, etc. but what we often don’t think about is that special effects are also used to add fog, glow, lens flares, smoke, etc. to a scene to increase the atmosphere. in a movie, and it’s just often easier to add it later than to fog up an entire street perfectly.

But also fire and particles are part of special effects, just think of a scene where someone walks into a burning house, all those small fire particles of burning paper/material… huge chance that these are all special effects.

The software that is used a lot for this could be labeled as the big brother of BorisFX Optics. And this is also very clear by the huge amount of options and very realistic looks.

There is a lot of software where you can work with overlays for smoke, for example, but I have never seen software where you can literally let the smoke pass by like a movie via a multitude of sliders and choose EXACTLY where you want the smoke, and even then you can still change a staggering amount of things building the perfect smoke. And believe it or not but almost every effect you choose has a similar slider choice, if you don’t get the desired effect with this I wouldn’t know what to do.

Anyway, isn’t this “cheating”?
Yes and no.
What I personally have trouble with is when people make no effort at all for correct lighting or styling and then try to make a photo interesting through all kinds of filters, and although sometimes you can get some very nice results, it is a completely different result if what I have in mind when I shoot a scene.

Of course you can always say that if it is not caught by the camera, it is not real… but…. then I wonder how do you see a black mist filter, which makes a lens flare clearly stronger?

And that’s basically how I see BorisFX Optics too.
I’m still trying to get the photo 100% correct in the camera, I build the whole set, put the lighting in the right places, use smoke etc. etc. But after the shoot I use BorisFX Optics to turn everything “on”, the lens flare is already in the photo, but in the retouch process you can enhance it with eg BorisFX Optics and really give it your look and feel. The same applies to turning on a spot just a little bit extra, it is there, but you make it just a bit clearer, or enhance the glow of an old tube amp…  I personally have no problem with that at all.

And let’s be honest, in the end we still made the photo ourselves and went through the entire process in the software and that is a completely creative process, only instead of just colors we now also add atmosphere in a photo which otherwise would not have been possible, and this makes it possible for me as a film enthusiast to give photos a much more film look.

In the coming months I will make several videos about BorisFX Optics, you can find them on our YouTube channel and of course from this site.

► Get 20% off Boris FX Optics via https://bit.ly/3zpQLzZ and use coupon code: doorhof-optics22