Black Friday

Well it’s that day again….
Of course we always try to give you guys the best bang for your buck, but this weekend we will do it a bit extra.

First for international customers

Only this weekend we are running a 50% discount on all my tutorial videos.
If you love the YouTube videos you’re going to really like the full length tutorials with topics ranging from lighting, retouching, street and travel photography, using the Lightmeter, colormanagement, Photoshop and Lightroom, Capture One, Styling on a budget and a lot more. Take a look at : DOWNLOADS

Use the coupon “50%BF23” when checking out.
And because it’s Black Friday we also included all my preset packs in the deal.


The following deals are for the Dutch customers


The first deal is 2 workshops in our studio for 350.00 euros.
You can choose freely which workshop to attend and the pass is valid for 2 years.
Mail us at [email protected] with the topic BF DEAL WORKSHOPS and we will follow up.


We love our ClickBackdrops and would love for you to use them too.
I’m using them in almost all my work and also take them with me on location.
For BlackFriday we are now offering a 25% discount via our CLICKBACKDROPS WEBSHOP

Use coupon “25%BF23” (clicki excluded)


Our IQwire tether cables has recently been renewed with an awesome Carbon Black Generation 2 version.
And we also added a complete cable defence system that will not only protect your cable but also your camera and laptop/tablet.
Order any IQwire in our IQWIRE WEBSHOP and you get a free CableBlock and free shipping.


The Rogue magnetic system is designed to be super flexible and creative.
But it’s also very easy to use and take with you, it all fits in your pocket.
Think about shooting an event and carrying a small softbox (the dome) in your left pocket and a snoot in your right pocket (yes it’s collapsible and usable in 4 settings).
But we also have colorgels for creative use and color correction and of cours stackable grids.

Use coupon “BF23” in our ROGUE WEBSHOP

Order our Rogue umbrella kit for €116,00 and you get a free diffuser/reflector panel.
Great to use to soften sunlight or create a nicer softer light from your strobes.

Add both to your basket and use coupon “FREE”.
When checking out the shop will discount the reflector
use products RGUMBKIT3238 en ROGUE32DF in our ROGUE WEBSHOP
Valid till 31/12


The magnetic system is awesome and the choice for many photographers that need a portable system but don’t want to sacrifice any quality or flexibility.
Order your magnetic kit from our ROGUE WEBSHOP and add the creative gel pack,  use the coupon “FREEGELS”  and it will discount the gels.

Valid for the following kits :
valid till 31/12 in our ROGUE WEBSHOP

Feel free to reach out if you experience any issues, or if you have any questions.