Behind the scenes during the FotoFair 2023

Today we take you behind the scenes during the workshops I taught during the yearly FotoFair event.
The FotoFair is a fairly unique concept where almost every kind of photography is covered. Workshops range from animals, macro, nature, movement, flowershoots to fashion

Besides the workshops there are a lot of other activities and demos from major manufactures and some stores.
And it doesn’t stop there, although the workshops are only for paid attendees there are also a lot of cosplayers, steampunk, vikings and anything in between walking over the event terrain, so if you love to take photos, well you get the idea :D.

I taught 2 workshops each day and this was the first time we ever used the Geekoto strobes during such an event.
I did some smaller sessions with them in our studio but during the FotoFair they really got tested. Not just because they were used a lot (12 students per group) but also because the heat was almost unbearable in our tent, and I can say… they did marvellously.

I hope you enjoy the behind the scenes video we shot.