Tour of the Seagate data recovery facility BTCD April 11 2018

In todays episode a real special visit.
You all know I’m always telling you guys how important data protection is right?

Well what if all your efforts didn’t work and you in fact do lose data, is that the end?

Well actually not if you are lucky enough to own a LaCie harddrive that is covered by the Seagate/LaCie data program, because in that case you don’t only get a brand new drive (even if it was your own fault), but you also have a pretty big change to get your data back…

How they do that we show you in todays episode of behind the closed DOORs.

We are very grateful to both LaCie and Seagate for allowing us to film inside their facility and talking to the engineers, it really was a very cool experience, these guys rock…..

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