Digital Classroom August 24 2016

In this episode of digital classroom we take you on location, well ok… not the most exciting location… just outside our studio.

You will see some techniques that can help you out a lot during your own shoots to make it easier to create killer shots including the use of the new Elinchrom HS system.

This is a 2 hour broadcast recorded live from our studio with the complete workflow from the shoot to the retouching. You see it all.

BTS workshop Small Flash with ExpoImaging

This is the Behind the Scenes video of the Small Flash workshop in Santa Cruz, California, USA. You will see Frank shooting inside and outside at an awesome location. Also some stills from the set, and of course the results. Of course we use the Frank Doorhof Flash Bender and shoot tethered, so that all the students can see.

Promo instructional video about Creativity

Because of the enormous succes of the book “Mastering the Model Shoot, we made a series of videos to explain and extend some chapters. This video is all about how to get more creative in your shot as you can see in this promo.

You can order the video here:

Need your help guys

Sometimes things happen that you never expected and it makes you sell objects you would rather not.
One of our very good friends in a situation where he have to let go of some really priced possessions and I thought it would be an option to use my contacts to help him out, and those contacts are…. you guys. So please share, tweet, like, spread or whatever you want to do with this post and help me help them out.


For sale
Exclusive and limited photobook of Canadian photographer David Drebin “Beautiful Disasters Collector’s Edition” number 20 of 50 (20/50) + with original and signed photo
Both the book and the photograph are signed (normal just the photo, but for us, David has signed both!
This wonderful book is a welcome addition for a collector. Unfortunately, due to circumstances, we have to sell this beautiful photobook.

The normal price (see below details of publisher TeNeuss) is € 2,000.00.
We offer the opportunity to bid from € 999.00.

For further information, I refer to the following description of the publisher TeNeuss. The book can been seen by appointment in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands

TeNeuss (info)
Beautiful Disasters Collector’s Edition
Limited to 50 copies

David Drebin
200 pp,  hardcover with jacket, clamshell box,
93 color photographs, 1 gatefold

Limited edition of 50 copies including a signed and numbered photoprint (ca. 52 x 42 cm) within a finely crafted clamshell box
Text in English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian

Book size: 27 x 36 cm
Box size: 43 x 53 cm

2.000,00 EUR (original price)
excl. Shipping costs

Item No.: 79675
ISBN: 978-3-8327-9675-4
Format: 27 x 36 cm


  • A must for all fans of photographic sensuality
  • Book launches and exhibitions scheduled around the world including Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Miami, New York, Toronto, Montreal, Istanbul, Vienna, and many other international destinations

Our fantasies can be alluring but also bittersweet. It’s this tension that makes David Drebin’s sensuous imagery so spellbinding. In his latest collection, this acclaimed contemporary photographer creates taut visual narratives around each of his luscious heroine’s voyages of seduction. Aloof yet irresistible, the women remain tantalizingly anonymous even though there are a few mega stars among them. Set against a global backdrop of sophistication, the locales range from New York to Jerusalem, Miami to Istanbul. Whom will they seduce? Whom will they reject?

Follow this captivating photographic master of intrigue as he takes us on a journey that could shock but might also lead to bliss.

This archival volume presents the new unique collection of David Drebin in a finely crafted clamshell box and includes a signed and numbered photoprint.