Ultimate weekend results Part 1

Last week it was time for the most intense workshop I teach… “the Ultimate workshop weekend”
A 2 day workshop filled with information, photoshoots, retouching, relax time, portfolio reviews, business tips, Q&A’s and much much more.


Today the first results from this workshop.
During the workshop one of the items was working with non strobes in a studio setting, for this I often use lightbulbs or the Ice Lights from Westcott. These images were shot with the IceLight.
Model : Manon.


Do you also want to participate in an Ultimate workshop weekend?
Check https://frankdoorhof.com/web/tours/ultimateweekend/

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Ian during tethertools webinar

Today just 2 shots from Ian taken during the webinar for Tethertools.

Ian webinar Tethertools  November 13 2014 25537 1

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Don’t you just love motion

One of the things I absolutely LOVE to do is adding motion to a shot, especially freezing it.
For my classic portraiture series I’m working with some artists and actors to build a small series and one of the people on my list was Lorenzo.
Now maybe you know Lorenzo from “So you think you can dance” and the movie “Body Language” and if you do, you know this boy can move….


Lorenzo was more than willing to pose for the classic portraits (which I show later in the week), but he also had some cool ideas himself, and when a dancer has some ideas… well just go with it.


Today some of the results from that session.

Lorenzo  November 11 2014 0016

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A more glamorous shoot

I don’t shoot a lot of glamour but every once in a while I love to do it with the right model.
Today a sample from a shoot I did with Kelly.
For some people the images might be considered NSFW, although I hate that label, it’s photography guys 🙂

Kelly van Hoorde November 11 2014  1 - November 11 2014

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