Black Friday deals

Because it’s always fun to share discounts 😀
Some black friday deals from the companies we work with on a daily basis.


I love these plugins/apps so make sure to check out this, especially for the Dutch market.
This year Macphun prepared a Black Friday offer specially for Europe  for the first time. The offer is valid from Nov 25 till Dec 1.

Get a Creative Kit Plus with a 40% saving + a FREE 20 Euro or 15 Pounds card.
CK+ special price: 99.99 Euro (excl. taxes)



Details: Creative Kit Plus includes 4 award-winning Mac photo software products worth 160 Euro (if purchased separately) for JUST 99.99 Euro, nearly 40% off. Plus, customers from Belgium & Netherlands get a 20 Euro or a 15 pounds gift card with purchase of the Creative Kit Plus.

The place where my portfolio lives.
I LOVE their way of working and the options/tools they give the pros, if you want the best for your portfolio…. well this is it.


Get a cool 40% off at SMUGMUG (the place where my portfolio lives and I love them)
Follow the link, offer ends on 11/29/2014 at 11:59PM PST




My instructional videos
And because my own videos can’t be left out we also have a cool discount for you guys that’s valid till Tuesday.
Use the code BLACKFRANK on this page and get a cool 30% off on ALL our videos.

Results workshop A-Z

The workshop “Fashion shoot A-Z” is without a doubt one of the workshops I always really look forward to (but I actually say that with all the workshops, but this one…. well you know what I mean) during this workshops the attendees are not shooting themselves, this means I have a lot more time to really dive into the whole concept of the modelshoot, in fact this workshop was created during the time I wrote my book  “Mastering the modelshoot” which actually had the work title “A-Z” Scott (Kelby) wanted me to write a book covering every single aspect of the modelshoot and I thought it would be a cool idea to also do a workshop like this, the name A-Z is still attached to the workshop but will be changed in 2015 to “Mastering the modelshoot”.


During the day I show different light setups, often 3-4 and explain everything about them, how to meter them, which modifiers to use and of course the big “why did you choose this”. After every shoot I will directly go back to the computer and show all the editing I do including the sharing on social media. The workshop is filled with information on working with the models, adding mood to a shoot, styling etc. it’s just way too much to write down here.


During this workshop Nadine was our model and this always means a little bit of extra to the styling.
So here are some of the results of that day.


Nadine  November 15 2014 25678

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Westcott Ice Light video

A while ago I got the chance to test out the Westcott Ice Light.
For me it’s a wonderful teaching tool to really show what light does, but combined with the barndoors it’s also an amazing light source.


In this episode of “Quite Frankly” I show you some technique for using constant light during a photoshoot.

Results cameratools workshops

Last week I was a guest speaker at the CameraTools week of light/studio.
During the day I taught 2 2 hour workshops in their shop, the fun part was that the idea was to keep it to 90 minutes and let the group shoot for 30 minutes, but when I asked what the group wanted… to shoot or me to continue teaching they all said “continue teaching”… well I guess they did not like the backgrounds 😀


The model for that day was our own topstylist (and model) Nadine, it’s always a blast work with someone that creative.
Today some of the images we shot during that day, and the theme was…. well colorful and blast from the past.


The backgrounds you see is a mix of the amazing Lastolite series (really love those) and the real deal.

Nadine CameraTools 14 November 2014 0257-Edit

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