The DOORhof is always open EP5

Well the FAQ about calibrations has to wait till tomorrow, but for a very good reason 😀
With pride I can present to you Episode 5 of “The DOORhof is always open”.


This time it’s all about styling, and who else to ask than Nadine Stephan, our ultra creative stylist.
Also some tips about tethering, a flash bender tip, a location photoshoot and a BTS video shot during a photoshoot with Nadine. I hope you enjoy this episode and if you have ideas for the next episode please let me know.


You can find the episode also via iTunes and of course on our YouTube channel.

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  1. John_Skinner
    John_Skinner says:

    Always enjoy these installments Frank, Thank you for your time.

    Just to add a couple of things.

    In my tethering here at home, I have taken to using USB over Ethernet adapters to add really long extensions to the laptop. I can use whatever color Ethernet cable and the adapters are so small now, a velcro piece holds them very well to the bottom plate of the camera area. The velcro also adds to the ‘secure strap’ type system you currently use and allows me that little bit of lag time should the cable get caught up on something.

    And as a final observation. When Nadine took up the ladder on the outside shots. There was a small part inside me that screamed away for a small strobe to be inside that huge flowing dress at the bottom set on a very low power level.

    I was just wondering if you have ever considered adding a light source INSIDE some of these great flowing gowns I see on so many of your recent images? I would like to see some of that color PoP out from inside some of those.

    As always. You are a true inspiration to me Frank. I have learned so much from you over the last 3 years. Thanks again for everything you do for all of us daily.

  2. Klaus Binder
    Klaus Binder says:

    Great episode. I wish I would have watched this before my session on Saturday. Well at least I got a few new tricks I can use on my next shot.

    Your work is very inspiring. Looking forward to hear more about your workshop in France. I will definitely be there.

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