Cool backgrounds from Lastolite

During the Photokina I shot several demos with the new collapsible backgrounds from Lastolite and to be honest I love them a lot, never thought I would.

You all know I love the more “rustic” backgrounds, old walls, iron, rust etc.
In our studio we have several walls with these themes so I’m more than happy there, however on location it’s often a bit of a problem…. not when we really go to a location but it is when I teach workshops for photo clubs, demo on stages etc. Often the rooms are rather small and the walls in the rooms are pretty “boring” to say the least. And when using seamless I often need more distance to the backgrounds than I’m actually given.

This is where the Lastolite backgrounds are KILLER for me, and I’m sure I will get at least one in the future. For people who have to remodel their living room or attic into a studio or do a lot of location work these backgrounds are priceless and will make you very happy (and your client).

The backgrounds are collapsible (very easy and quick), like the reflectors you will without a doubt know. When setup they are just large enough to pose a model against and do a pretty nice 3/4 shoot and make the viewer think they are a lot bigger (especially when working with a slightly longer lens).

All the backgrounds are double printed, meaning you have two different prints on each side one. Which makes them even more interesting. But what I REALLY like about the images is that they are shot with shadows, meaning if you place your lights the same way you get some pretty convincing results (but do take care you position your lights the right way, if you do it differently it will look wrong and the effect is gone).

During the photokina I was able to test all the different options they have available soon, but as I understand they are already working on more so I’m more than eager to keep updated on that, for the moment my favorite is without a doubt the one you see at the blog opening (just love that kind of material).

They will be released somewhere in the coming weeks via Lastolite or one of their dealers.