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That easy lightbulb again

Every once in a while I will take it out of the closet… my favorite light source to play with… that simple 100W light bulb in the cheapest enclosure I could find. It’s always fun to see the reaction of the attendees of the workshops when they see the possibilities they can have while shooting with a light source most would label as “unusable for some cool shots”.


One of the things you always have to remember when shooting with light is “distance” or in other words “the inverse square law”.
In very simple terms, if you use a light source really close to your model the light will fall off very rapidly, meaning you will get a lot of contrast in your shot, if you move the light further away the light will fall off less rapidly. So if you want to light a group it’s often wiser to move the lights a but further away, and if you want a striking high contrast portrait you can move it closer (although many other factors play a role of course, but let’s keep it simple).

With the lightbulb the power, for me, lies when you use it really close to the model and the background. The outcome is always something that surprises people and often they ask me “How many strobes did you use next to the lightbulb” 😀


So if you have a lightbulb in your house, don’t be afraid to use it in your next shoot, it might surprise you.


For much more in-depth techniques, tips etc. get my book “Mastering the Model shoot” or download one of my videos from this website.

Manon Juni 13 2015 0594

Manon Juni 13 2015 0865

Move around your light

One of the best tips I can give people is “move around your light”
Every time I show this very simple technique during workshops there is always a group of students that is literally totally surprised by the effects you can create by just moving around your model. What you are actually doing is the same as moving around your light source, but when you combine it with a wall against which the model is posing you can get some stunning effects very fast.


In this setup I’m using one strobe aimed at my model.
In the first shot you see it shot from the front.

Nadine October 12 2014 0149-Edit

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Microsoft Surface Pro 2

We all love our gadgets, and when the gadgets can really add something to our photographic workflow it gets even more interesting of course.
As you have read on this blog before I recently sold my MacBookPro in exchange for a Sony Vaio Duo 13 which I still use and love, but in all honestly it’s in a price range where not everyone is able to shop in for a tablet/laptop, so I was very interested to testdrive the new Microsoft tablet, Surface Pro 2.



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Cool backgrounds from Lastolite

During the Photokina I shot several demos with the new collapsible backgrounds from Lastolite and to be honest I love them a lot, never thought I would.

You all know I love the more “rustic” backgrounds, old walls, iron, rust etc.
In our studio we have several walls with these themes so I’m more than happy there, however on location it’s often a bit of a problem…. not when we really go to a location but it is when I teach workshops for photo clubs, demo on stages etc. Often the rooms are rather small and the walls in the rooms are pretty “boring” to say the least. And when using seamless I often need more distance to the backgrounds than I’m actually given.
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