The DOORhof is always open EP3

With a lot of pride I can show you the new long episode of our videopodcast “The DOORhof is always open”.
In this episode you can see a lot of tips and tricks I got from my friends and fellow instructors at Photoshop World Las Vegas 2012, in fact we had so much material it could not fit in one episode so we decided to make 2 episodes, both run well over 45 minutes so you’re in for a great ride,  If all went well you can also download it today from iTunes. Please feel free to leave some comments on YouTube or iTunes, we need some more promotion for the videopodcast of course 🙂


Today the first episode.
Expect interviews with great photographers/instructors like Scott Kelby, Lindsay Adler, Alan Hess, Brad Moore, Jay Maisel, Jim Divitale, Cliff Mautner, Dave Cross, Moose Peterson, Dave Black, Richard Harrington, Pete Collins, Matt Kloskowski, RC (spread out over both episodes).

I have to say that I’m very grateful to the following companies who made these episodes possible :
Manfrotto distribution and


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  1. EeroM
    EeroM says:

    Wow this is way cool, tips from pros , I am not a sports photographer but those tips are great. I will download this to iPad as soon as it shows up, ps not there yet. Well it showed up a few minutes ago.

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