Some images from PSW

Without any doubt PhotoshopWorld is for me one of the highlights of the year.
PhotoshopWorld is switching between the east and west coast and is held twice a year.
To say that PhotoshopWorld is just a tradeshow is a big understatement, yes there is an expo floor with a lot of booths, but most of all PhotoshopWorld is about teaching, imaging being taught by the best instructors in the world in Photoshop, Photography, Lightroom etc. you will be blown away by the choices you have. During the day there are seminars from early morning to late in the evening, and then there are the parties, midnight madness, portfolio reviews, panels and so much more…. it’s mind boggling. The main attraction of PhotoshopWorld is that the teachers are not the “demo-ers” you normally see at trade shows, imaging seeing Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski, Dave Black etc. at work on the Expo floor in the booths explaining their tricks, you feel what I mean ? 😀

I always tell people that my favorite times of the year are my birthday, christmas and PhotoshopWorld.
For me (and all other instructors) it’s a huge honor to be able to call myself one of the instructors at PhotoshopWorld, this time was my fourth PhotoshopWorld in a row and the second where I taught a so called Pre-con workshop.

In this blog post I share three of my favorite images from this PhotoshopWorld.
The first two were shot during my Pre-con workshop, the photoshoot was just a small part of the pre-con in which I gave some tips on battling reflection problems when shooting in a hotel room, and shooting the same scene with natural light and balancing for strobes.

Of course I don’t just do the pre-con workshop, during PhotoshopWorld I actually taught 3 full classes, two on the photography tracks and one on the Expo floor. But I also always teach several session on the Manfrotto booth (demoing Elinchrom gear). The BW shot you see above is one of my favorite shots from those sessions.


If you are interested in PhotoshopWorld and want to visit (and yes it’s more than worth it), visit and register today for Orlando.

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  1. EeroM
    EeroM says:

    I love the middle photo best, The Luxor hotel gotta love that as a background. It actually points North the same way the ones in Giza (however I think the ones in Giza are more accurate LOL as per Google earth )

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