Vienna final images

We’re already back from Vienna, the workshops rocked :D, will be showing some images from them in the coming days.
But first today the final images from the last day in Vienna.
As you know a few weeks ago I started to get more seriously into street photography for the first episode of “the DOORhof is always open”, during our stay in Vienna I put myself into a challenge mode to start with more surrounding shots and build up to one of the most difficult things to do, street portraits, and today some of my favorite shots of the last day in which I tried to get a bit more close and personal with the “street”.

Same guy as the opening shot (and the shot after this) first shot him without asking (this shot), later we got to talk and I did some more images with him.





And one of our driver who did not want to get shot :D, or did she 😀

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  1. terry
    terry says:

    The colored specular highlights in the last shot are cool, and the lens flare was perfect. I hope that the woman was just shy and not having a serious problem.

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