The bigger fight

yesterday I heard a very good motto:
“It’s not how big the man is in a fight, it’s how big the fight is inside the man”


This is without a doubt a motto for almost everything but especially photography, often I hear people say “I can never do that”, or “I don’t have the gear for that”, but most of all “You shoot everything correct, I don’t”

Well let me first make a confession…. I shoot just as much junk as all of you, only I probably don’t show it, for me photography is a matter of going on till I get the shot.

Yesterday we did a session in Emmeloord I call “Fashion in Emmeloord” well ok not very creative, the model was surprised we were done in 10 minutes per locations, I told her very simply that if I get the shot I’m after I will continue for a few frames and then try a different angle or composition and continue to the next, there is no need to push through. I will use a maximum of 1-2 shots per location for my own portfolio so why shoot 10 killer shots while I can switch location.

So what has this to do with the motto I started with.
Sometimes it goes easy, like yesterday, sometimes it isn’t.
Imaging wanting to get the perfect lens flare and the perfect motion, and the perfect pose…. you really think that will happen at once…? if you do you will probably stop after 5 minutes. But if you push through you will find that at one point you will get that shot, or at least something that’s close enough, because I strongly believe that perfection is not in photography, there is always something that can be better.


So the next time you think “I can’t” always think that if someone else can do it you also can come close or do it, always push through and push your boundaries, you will be amazed at what you can do, and remember that EVERYONE I know is always nagging at their own pictures, I know very little (real) pros that claim they shot the perfect shot, they are all going like “Yeah ok it’s a nice shot,…. but……” and I think that defines the people with a bigger fight in them, always going for something better and pushing yourself to achieve the next level.

So first learn your lighting and master your gear and then start pushing your creative boundaries.
To help you out with this make sure to check out my book “Mastering the modelshoot” or my instructional videos 😀