Photowhoa deal

Today is the last day you can get a great discount of 40% on my latest “Live in Boston DVD/Download”.
We’ve worked together with the guys from Photowhoa a few times before and I can wholeheartedly recommend them, so surf over there and get the discount, the offer ends today 😀


The “live in Boston” instructional videos contain more than 2 hours of material with both small flash and the big strobes, studio and location work, the videos were shot live during the 2 day workshop I taught in Boston last year and are (I think) at the moment the best ones I did. Topics like metering outside, calculating day to night, posing your models, lens choice, using small flash, working with flash benders and a full Q&A session are all included, so if you don’t already own the DVD make sure to check out the offer at 

Lightmeter issues to think about

It seems to bring out the worst in people.
It seems to set parties in war mode.
It seems almost religious for some people.
It seems that some people think you suck without.
It seems that some people think you suck with it.
It seems that some people think you are old fashioned with it.
It seems that some people think you are trendy when you use it.
It seems that some people think it takes away all your creativity.
It seems that…..


It seems like this blog post is about the new “old spice”, but nothing is further from the truth, it’s about a very simple tool… the light meter.

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Giethoorn the Venice of the Netherlands

Recently we visited Giethoorn for a small family outing.
Giethoorn is also called “the Venice of the Netherlands” because the whole village is build around a lot of canals (no roads), for me it’s always pure horror to think how people would ever get their sofas or other big furniture in, or where to park your car after groceries… pffff.

But as a visitor it’s a very nice place to be.
Because I could not yet walk a lot due to my knee injury we rented a small boat and used that to travel around in Giethoorn, but we also took a route through the large nature area around Giethoorn, do remember that these are just snaps shots, but I think that it’s sometimes fun to share some of these.

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Since my review of the Sigma 120-300 f2.8 OS I got a lot of questions how I liked it in “real life” situations. Because of my knee I did not have a lot of time to really go out and shoot, but last week we decided to take a small trip to a Motocross circuit and shoot some of the guys practicing there with the lens on the 5DMKIII. A good test for me because it was actually just the second time I tested the camera with sports.

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